Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cause and Effect

After playing The Paper Bag Princess game, my students asked repeatedly if they could play another book board game. I was glad to hear that they had found a prize day so fun so I was more than happy to oblige. As I stated in my last post,  the blog First Grade a la Carte: Odds and Ends from a First Grade  Classroom posted a number of reading comprehension board games. One of the games is based upon If you Give a Mouse a Cookie... and the questions ask the students to determine cause and effect. For example, one question asks:
What is the cause?
 "I got an award" 
a. I did not do my work. 
b. I got good grades 
c. I am hungry.   

Before playing, I made sure to review cause and effect with my students so that there would be no confusion regarding the vocabulary of the game. My second graders really enjoyed the game and did not see it as a great challenge. The first graders struggled with the questions and required a lot of assistance throughout the game. However, regardless of the challenge, I felt that they were confident in the ability to determine cause and effect by the end of the game.  
If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, Board Game, Dice, and Game Questions
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