Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sight Word Slap Game

The curriculum that the City of Richmond uses for reading has a very strategic approach. For second grade, every lesson begins with a list of 15-20 words which follow a pattern. For example, in the lesson I taught today, the list included many words which exhibit how when added -ing to a word, some words have double letters after the vowels and some have a single letter. The list also included words with phonemes we have reviewed in the recent past.  Here is the list: roping, batting, filing, filling, hoping, hopping, file, filled, paid, afraid, rained, repair, near, roof, sounded, outside. Additionally, each list includes six irregular words. Today's irregular words were grew, change, though, toward, young, and knew. 

Having to practice this many words on a daily basis becomes very boring and repetitive for both my students and I. In order to spice things up, I developed a game I coined Sight Word Slap. Each day I write the words for the day on flashcards. After reviewing the words twice, I place the flashcards face up on the table in front of my students.  Next, I ask them to hold their hands up and wiggle their fingers. (I make them wiggle their fingers so that they don't take the game too seriously and so that I know they are ready to play) Once all the students are ready and have their fingers moving, I call out a word. The first student that slaps the correct card gets to keep that card and earns a point. If they slap an incorrect card, I get to keep the card and no one earns a point. Also, if there is a tie between two students, I get to keep the card and no one earns a point. During the game, if I notice that one student is earning all the points, I start to play so that no one gets too upset about losing.  

This is a great game which is really easy to play and allows for the students to review the words for a third time while having fun. I think if my students knew this game was helping their reading skills, they would hate it. Luckily, they have not figured this part out yet. I strongly recommend this game if you are reviewing sight words or are introducing new words to your students. 

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