Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Reading Comprehension Game

Over the Spring, I decided that my students reading comprehension skills needed to be challenged. They have made great strides in their ability to retell and comprehend a story but I felt that this skill could be taken even further before the close of the school year. So for one of my prize days, I had the students play a reading comprehension board game based upon The Paper Bag Princess. When I happened upon this game while on Pinterest.com, I became very excited. I loved The Paper Bag Princess when I was little and wanted to share the story with my students.  

The Paper Bag Princess, Board, Game Cards, and Dice
Examples of the comprehension questions
The blog where I found this game is First Grade a la Carte: Odds and Ends from a First Grade Classroom. This educator has been kind enough to share all of the games she has created for many other stories in addition to The Paper Bag Princess. Here is the link for other games. It is such a wonderful idea to take easy read aloud stories and create them into a board game that students can play independently. I hope to make my own in the future.  

I played this game with both my Second and First graders on prize days. They all enjoyed it and excelled at the challenge. The questions are not very difficult. This allows the game to not only engage the students but also build confidence in their reading comprehension skills, which I believe is the most important task of a reading tutor. I think half the battle with struggling readers is building up their confidence and making them believe in themselves. 

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