Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vocabulary Spinner

Unfortunately, I can not take credit for this amazing idea. My team member, Macee, developed this idea for her students but has let me use it with my own.

This is another game which helps reinforce vocabulary skills while allowing students to have fun. Using the top of a large shoe box, Macee taped down vocabulary flashcards to created a vocabulary spinning game.She combined both sight words as well as science vocabulary words on the flashcards. She made additional cards (not shown) which she added over the course of the game.

During the game, the students spin a top on the board. Once the top stops spinning and lands, the students must read the word it landed on. Macee made the game even more challenging by asking the students to define the science words and use the sight words in a sentence.

All of our students have enjoyed the game thus far! I have enjoyed it because it encourages my students to be excited about recognizing harder vocabulary words.

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