Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What is VCU AmeriCorps?


I want to begin this blog by explaining VCU AmeriCorps and my role within the program. VCU AmeriCorps is a state level program which promotes literacy in Richmond City Elementary Schools and grassroots community service within the City of Richmond. The goal of VCU's AmeriCorps program is to have all Richmond City Third Graders on reading level by the time they exit that grade.  

The role of a VCU AmeriCorps member is multifaceted. At school sites, we offer classroom support and reading tutoring for students in grades Kindergarten - Second. At my school site, I support a Second Grade class in the morning during their reading block. In the afternoons, I pull two Second Grade groups and one First Grade group for 30 minute reading interventions. In addition to these tasks, I act as mentor to my students. Sometimes when a student gets angry, I take them on a walk around the school or provide them the space to tell me about their day and their life.  

When not a school site, AmeriCorps members offer support to other parts of the Richmond community through acts like cleaning up trash along a road, providing meals to those experiencing homelessness on MLK Day, hosting events at the local Boys and Girls club, and supporting food and book drives.  

All in all, VCU AmeriCorps members simply get things done!

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