Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Read Across America Day

One of my favorite days by far this year was Read Across America Day. For a reading tutor, it was an educational heaven. I had to practice some self restraint because I found so many activities on Pinterest that I wanted to try out.  

In my Second Grade interventions, I read The Cat and the Hat to the students and afterwards they completed a writing prompt about the story. While reading, I would let the students read some pages but as I only had 30 minutes with them, I read most of the book. The writing prompt asked them "If Thing One and Thing Two came to my house..." I found the writing prompt on This is a great blog that posted Dr. Seuss activities for free during the week of Read Across America Day. My students seemed to really enjoy this prompt and their responses were excellent.  

One of my Second Grade Tutoring Groups. So proud of their work!

In my First Grade groups, I again read The Cat and the Hat but their activity was different from the Second Grade. My team member, Macee, created Dr. Seuss hats for the students with rhyme ladders on them. The rhyme ladder was for words ending with -at. I asked the students to color the hats and fill out the rhyme ladders while I read the story. This was a really successful activity that the students seemed to genuinely enjoy.  


These boys were very proud of their hats. 
The whole group with their completed hats!

As a part of grassroots community service, on the morning of Read Across America Day, my team member Kalitah and I signed in volunteers from Richmond that came to read Dr. Seuss books to each of the classes. This was a great event because the students were exposed to a lot of members from the Richmond community and were able to hear a lot of books read to them. We spent the afternoon delivering birthday cake to the classrooms in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday.  

Kalitah and I showing off our favorite Dr. Seuss books

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