Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Story Elements & Sequencing

One of the biggest challenges my Second Graders struggled with during our tutoring sessions was reading comprehension. The literacy model that Richmond uses has the students read a small passage everyday and respond to a series of comprehension questions after the reading. 

I quickly discovered that this was a weakness for ALL of my Second Graders. It was very difficult for them to recall who the characters in a story were and the sequence of events. In an effort to assist them, I created story element cards. After reading the passage, I place the story elements cards on the table while asking them reading comprehension questions. I think it helps them to have a visual stimuli when answering. After using the cards consistently for about a week, I could already notice that my student's retelling skills were getting better. 

I found the template for these cards on Pinterest. I have to admit, I am Pinterest fanatic and find most of my inspiration from there. This is the link to the blog where I discovered these wonderful cards. 

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