Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Establishing Order

Before I could being my tutoring interventions, I had to establish some sort of behavior management system within my tutoring groups. Everything I have read about teaching states that students do their best when they have structure and routine. I wanted to create a system that wasn't too strict but would provide enough structure for my interventions to be effective. 

My rules are as follows: 
1. Listen 
2. Follow Directions 
3. Sit in Seat 
4. Be respectful 
5. Have Fun!!  

If my students follow these rules during a tutoring session, they earn a sticker on their behavior chart. If each student earns a sticker for five consecutive sessions in a row, the group earns a prize day. Prize days involve either a literacy game or a free reading day.  

This system has worked really well because it gives the students an incentive to behave and it encourages them to work as a team because all of the students must earn them a sticker in order to get a prize day. It also helps because the literacy model that we use in Richmond *cough* boring *cough* so earning a game day every five days spices things up a bit. 

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